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Team Building Activities for Teens

All About Team Building is the free team building resource that provides teachers, youth workers and team building instructors with ideas and advice on developing successful teamwork skills. This expanding resource is full of tried and tested ideas for ice breakers, team building activities, problem solving activities, developing teamwork skills, leadership and developing character.

Whether you are working with teens or adults, my guides on team building activities and leadership skills describe techniques and methods that enable you to prevent your team building activities descending into disorganised chaos. The ideas will help you to create fun cohesive team building activities that develop great team spirit and strong leadership.

To help you discover the most relevant team building activities for what you are trying to achieve, I have organised the ideas into 10 topics:

10 Team Building Activity Topics

  1. - Team Building Activities Ideas
  2. - Ice Breaker Games
  3. - Team Building Activities for Kids
  4. - Team Building Activities for Teens
  5. - Team Building Activities for Adults
  6. - Team building activities for work
  7. - Leadership Skills
  8. - Problem Solving Activities
  9. - Physical Team Building Activities
  10. - Quick Team Building Activities

In addition to all of these team building activities ideas, I have included guides on what team building activities are available in cities across the world. So, if you are planning a corporate event, you will be able to discover the perfect team building activities right where you are. Team building should be more than just drinking straw towers or being forced to go out of your comfort zone resulting in an alienating ordeal. Learn what approaches do work, and why supporting the development of leadership skills is critical to successful teams.